I Swear! Village of Solvay swears in the newly elected.

On April 1st, 2013, Hon. Anthony Noce (Acting Village Justice) swore in the Village of Solvay’s newly elected officials. Seating was scarce in the Town of Geddes courtroom as approx. 100 friends, family and Village employees witnessed the proceedings.

Ignoring the fact that it was April Fool’s Day, the newly elected promised to uphold the US Constitution, the State Constitution and to lead the Village of Solvay to the “best of their ability”. Up first was (Mayor) Ron Benedetti, who served as First Ward Trustee for the past four years. Following his swearing in with applause from the audience, Mayor Benedetti poignantly hugged his mother seated in the second row before being seated to watch the rest of the ceremonies. Mayor Benedetti will serve a four year term.


Following Mayor Benedetti, the newly elected Trustees were officially sworn in (Pictured from Left: John Cregg, First Ward/ Harry DeCarlo, Third Ward/ Derek Baichi, Second Ward). Trustees will serve a four year term.


Last on the docket was Hon. Dan Matthews III, sworn in for a four year term as Village Justice.


Following the ceremony, Mayor Benedetti addressed the crowd with a short speech where he reflected on his campaign for the “betterment of the Village” and his wish to “take it to another level”. Reminding us that “Allied Chemical is gone Ladies and Gentlemen” and the fact that there is “no money”, the Mayor shared hope and dedication to “find ways to get our roads fixed up and our sidewalks repaired”, and asking for the support of the community in finding solutions to issues facing the Village. After thanking the audience for the “trust you put in me as Mayor of the Village of Solvay”, guests were invited downstairs to the Town conference room for lunch. Notables seen in the audience were Town Supervisor Manny Falcone, and his wife Mary (Village Court Clerk), Solvay Electric Dept. Supervisor, John Montone, Highway Dept. Supervisor, Mark Cazzoli, Chief Cox from the Solvay Police Dept., and current Village Trustees Tom Tarolli, John Fall and Dan Bellotti.


A Fond Farewell!

On Tuesday March 26th, the Regular Village Board Meeting took place in the Town of Geddes Court Room (1000 Woods Rd. Solvay, NY). The meeting was called to order by Mayor Marinelli at 6:00pm.

The following figures are the results of the canvass of the votes of the 2013 Village of Solvay Regular Election, held on March 19th, 2013 for the position of Mayor (four years), First Ward Trustee (four years), Second Ward Trustee (four years), Third Ward Trustee (four years), and Village Justice (four years), and were reported at the opening of the meeting.

Ty Marshal (Mayor), 482 Votes

Ronald Benedetti (Mayor) 687 Votes

John Cregg (Trustee, 1st Ward) 225 Votes

Joe Solon (Trustee, 1st Ward) 161 Votes

Derek Baichi (Trustee, 2nd Ward) 223 Votes

Charles Callura (Trustee, 2nd Ward) 154 Votes

Harry DeCarlo III (Trustee, 3rd Ward) 209 Votes

Garry Acchione (Trustee, 3rd Ward) 174 Votes

Daniel Matthews III (Village Justice) 806 Votes

(as reported by the Onondaga County Board of Elections, and contained in the Village Board agenda)

Mayor Kathy Marinelli took a few moments, following the Pledge of Allegiance, to express her well wishes for the newly elected and to thank the room of about 25 people for their support during her 20 years of service on the Solvay Village Board and as Mayor. Her teary eyed and heartfelt expression was echoed throughout the evening by Village administrators, employees and community members. Kathy recently became engaged to Victor Brouse, with a planned wedding to occur on July 6th, 2013, and is a new grandmother with the recent addition of Luciano Michael (Son of Maria Callura) to her family.


Deputy Mayor and Trustee (2nd Ward) John McPeak also expressed his good wishes to the newly elected, and thanked the community for their support of his service. Normally the most vocal of the Solvay Village Board members, Mr. McPeak kept his thanks humble and short. McPeak served 16 years as a Trustee, and was the former comptroller of the Village. His wife was a one time Village employee, and his son is currently employed by the Solvay Highway Department.


Third Ward Trustee, Jamie Colucci also thanked the audience, having served four years as Trustee. Due to the Hatch Act of 1939 (officially The Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities) Mr. Colucci was unable to run for the Third Ward seat due to his position as a recruiter  for P.E.A.C.E. Incorporated – a position he’s held since 1999. His wife, Wendy Colucci, is the Chairwoman of the Geddes-Solvay Democratic Committee.

Supervisors and Administrators (Treasurer, Legal, Highway, Police, Library, Electric (absent), Storm Water) reported their monthly findings to the Village Board, while also celebrating redundancy in their gratitude towards the officials who are leaving office and well wishes for the newly elected. (For Meeting Agenda, see links at bottom of page)

Following the board meeting, everyone was invited for cake to celebrate the service of Mayor Marinelli, Deputy Mayor McPeak and Trustee Colucci. Pictured below is Mayor Elect Ron Benedetti (in a springtime yellow tie)  handing Kathy Marinelli (sporting a dark tan from her recent cruise) a bouquet of flowers. Good wishes and hugs ensued for the remainder of the evening.


The Public is invited to the Swearing in Ceremony of our newly elected officials on Monday April 1st at 2:00pm at Solvay Village Hall. Mayor Elect Ron Benedetti couldn’t help  mention the coincidence of the All Fools Day induction ceremony date, which garnered chuckles throughout the room.

Below we’ve scanned the meeting Agenda, as it was presented to the public on March 26th 2013:





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